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John Sharp is a creative director, information architect, and graphic designer. He has been involved in art and design for eighteen years in a variety of media: digital media, print design, motion graphics, and radio & club DJing. John entered the world of design by printing t-shirts on his parent's kitchen table and mixing tapes on cheap tape decks. College life and the Athens music scene consumed John: he photographed bands, designed posters for clubs, hosted a punk rock radio show, and helped start a dance club scene.

A few threads emerged— a love of graphic design, and a fascination with the creation of media experiences. Today, John helps clients entertain, educate, and organize. His work has been recognized by ID Magazine, the Art Director's Club and the Webby Awards. John received a BFA from the University of Georgia, and an MA and PhD in the History of Art from Indiana University.
books John recommends:
Stewart Brand, How Buildings Learn
Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point
Katie Salen & Eric Zimmerman, Rules of Play